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Augusta Jane Evans Wilson (1835-1909), America...

Augusta Jane Evans Wilson (1835-1909), American novelist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aileen Pringle and John Gilbert

Aileen Pringle and John Gilbert (Photo credit: The Loudest Voice)

Be sure to see my other blogs.  ST. ELMO, JOHN GILBERT, AND ME is devoted to John Gilbert and his films as well as Augusta Evans Wilson and her Victorian novels (especially ST. ELMO).

My newest blog is DELIGHT THYSELF IN THE LORD.  As a born-again Christian, the most important aspect of my life is my relationship with the LORD.  This blog is intended to honor God, share my thoughts and experiences as they relate to God and the Bible, and promote discussions about the Bible, Christian books, songs, and events.

Psalm 91

Psalm 91

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