How about a Quid Pro Quo, Mike?

It’s not easy to sell books.  It’s all about marketing.  The best marketing guru on the planet is Mike Lindell.  I wish he would advertise my book THE PRINCE IN THE TOWER: A Modern Gothic Romance.

I have My Pillows in all three bedrooms, Giza sheets on my bed, and two travel pillows that I intend to use for camping–not to mention all the My Pillows I have given as gifts.  I’m going broke buying pillows because they really are the best pillows I have ever owned.  I haven’t slept this well in years.

Mike is always offering specials. Here’s a novel idea for another one. “THE PRINCE AND THE PILLOW: Two Sleep Aids for the Price of One.” Use code STARVINGAUTHOR.


1 thought on “How about a Quid Pro Quo, Mike?

  1. Dea

    Hi, Sheryl! This is Dea – been trying to reach you for some time now. Hope you and yours are doing well. I got a kick out of your article – but I don’t consider your book a “Sleep Aid!” Haha! More like a page-turner! Hope to hear from you some time . . .


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