THE TWILIGHT SAGA: To Stare or Not to Stare

As a matter of principle, I do not watch anything on TV or at the theater with a vampire or an occultish theme.  However, at the recommendation of a relative, I soldiered though an episode of the “Twilight Saga.”   Afterwards, I looked up the series on “Honest Trailers“–just for fun.

If you’re looking for romantic alternatives to the TWILIGHT SAGA, try watching silent films that star John Gilbert or Rudolph Valentino.  Their stares are so expressive and meaningful that each  wore the moniker “Great Lover of the Silver Screen” with ease.  Silent films have made a comeback in recent years.  You can find them on Turner Classic Movies.

Français : Rudolph Valentino et Agnes Ayres da...

Français : Rudolph Valentino et Agnes Ayres dans Le Cheik. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4 thoughts on “THE TWILIGHT SAGA: To Stare or Not to Stare

  1. Anonymous

    Sheryl, I called your home phone, disconnected. I called Alecia’s number, it went to a fax. I have been trying to catch up with you. Give me a call. I wanted you to know that Daddy passed away April 14th. I am fine but feel like I just sent my last kid off to college, empty nest, you know. I hope everything is Okay. Please call me. Love you, Mary (in Lynchburg)

    1. Anonymous

      Mary, so sorry to hear about your dad passing away. Elisa told me that you had called. Meant to call you. I cried for months after my dad died and slept with his teddy bear, so I know how you feel. Mom is frail and hasn’t much short term memory. She’s 94. Your dad was 96, wasn’t he? I’m camping. Will call when I get back. Love you, mary. blessings to you. Sorry for the typos. learning to text on new phone.

  2. Sheryl Wright Stinchcum

    Hi, will look up the link later. Using smart phone. The print is too small to read. Im new to this technology. I read the bible daily. my post no doubt offended some. However, I thought the parody was funny. A parody is just an exaggeration that proves the box office success of the film. Also I wanted to plug siient films.


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