Inspiration for Short Stories


Genealogy is one of my passions.  I took this photo while exploring a creepy, neglected cemetery tracing my ancestry.  The cemetery was in the woods next to a cow pasture.  Wearing shorts, a summer top, and sandals, I emerged an hour later with 10 ticks on my skin.  I had been looking for my great-great-grandparents graves, and despite many obstacles (including poisonous plants), found them.

Their names, laced with lichen, were nearly erased by time, but I was able to make out enough letters to identify the headstones of Edna Ann Neighbors Cardwell and Thomas Dixon Cardwell, who had died a few days apart in the 1800s.

Prior to this excursion, I had been working on a short story called “The Eastlake Clock” and needed inspiration to move forward.  The photo of the cemetery, which I inserted into the text, advanced the plot.


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