Choosing a Title for Your Writing Project is for the Birds

In an earlier post entitled “Bird Behavior reminiscent of ‘The Birds’,” I took a rabbit trail and talked about bluebirds “attacking” my window.  From what I’ve read, birds do this because they regard their reflections as rivals.  This craziness went on for a month, despite my attempts to end it.

Now the bluebirds have moved on, and the cardinals are bombarding the window instead.  If you wanted to write a story about this, what would you call it?  “Cardinals Seeing Red,” “Territorial Madness,” “Birds With Suicidal Tendencies,” “Mad Cow Disease Detected in Cardinals,” ‘Bird Rage,” “Nightmare in the Aviary,” “Cardinal Sin,” “Bird Brains?”

Adding a subtitle can change the meaning.entirely.  Examples:  “Cardinals on the Fence: Life Inside the Vatican,” “Aggressive Cardinals: Shenanigans in the Outfield,” “Cardinals Rule: A Change in the Pecking Order,” “Cardinals With a Mission: A Papal Conspiracy,” “Cardinals Cry ‘Fowl’:  Orioles Win.”

Finding a title for your essay or literary masterpiece can be fun.  The sky is the limit as long as the title reflects the theme.


One thought on “Choosing a Title for Your Writing Project is for the Birds

  1. Anonymous

    First the bluebirds, then the cardinals, now the titmouse. He/she’s been attacking the window all morning. This would make a great title for a movie: “Birds Gone Wild” or just “The Birds.” (Oops! Hitchcock beat me to it.) Has anyone else observed this phenomena this year?


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