“Change your water; change your life.”

“Change your water; change your life.”  Kangen water is good for your health.  You’ve heard the expression, “You are what you eat.”  What about fluids?  How do they impact your health?  Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day. What’s in the water you drink, and what is it lacking?  Eat healthy.  Drink healthy.  Learn about the benefits of Kangen water at  http://www.classactwater.com.


2 thoughts on ““Change your water; change your life.”

  1. Sharon Meisel

    This highly ionized, alkaline water is truly amazing. After drinking it for only a month I have not had any acid reflux. I can sit on my patio without getting chewed up by mosquitoes. I just spray the alkaline water where I would normally spray bug spray and I can repel the little beasts. I have some friends who have eliminated the symptoms of lymes disease. The results are absolutely phenomenal with almost every physical issue. Since learning that bottled water, tap water and all sodas, tea and coffee are acidic, the only thing I can drink that can reverse the acidity in my body is Kangen water. I have never tasted any water this good. .

  2. Sheryl Wright Stinchcum Post author

    That’s encouraging news, Sharon. So many people suffer from acid reflux. I had surgery years ago, a fundiplication, to correct acid reflux. Had Kangen water been available, I would have tried that first. Just thinking about Kangen water makes me thirsty. I’m tired of Cokes and other carbonated drinks that make me feel bad after I drink them.


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