Tips for Writers

If you’re writing fiction and mention specific places, you should take photos of those landmarks while you’re writing the story.  Otherwise, if you want ten years to take the photos, you may discover that everything has changed.  Establishments have gone out of business.  Other landmarks are undergoing renovations and so forth.  I know because  I waited too long to take pictures of Clifton and the City of Fairfax.  What a difference ten years make!

Fortunately, I took the photos of England, Bermuda, Civil War battlefields, and the Rhode River years ago when I visited those places.  For some reason, it never occurred to me to take photos of the City of Fairfax, although i lived in Fairfax County for 25 years.


3 thoughts on “Tips for Writers

  1. bography

    When it comes to (auto) biography, one usually only decides to write decades later about certain places. I was in the Cape Jewish Orphanage (Cape Town) from 4 to 9 years old. Only in recent years have I written about it. The Orphanage was demolished about 20-30 years ago. I did manage though to find a delightful drawing of its facade.


    1. Sheryl Wright Stinchcum Post author

      Are you using the drawing in your autobiography? Your book sounds exceptional. What an ordeal it must have been to have lived in an orphanage all that time! It begs the question: which is best orphanages or foster homes?


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